Haddam Neck Fair
Haddam Neck, Connecticut
September 2 - 5, 2016
Map & Directions to the Haddam Neck Fairgrounds    

A huge Thank You to all the volunteers who contributed to the success of the 2015 Haddam Neck Fair.

The Haddam Neck Fair is managed by a board of directors elected annually. The current board consists of the following members:


Board of Directors                      Phone

2016 Haddam Neck Fairgrounds Event Schedule

April 29 - 30  Boy Scouts

April 30  Middlesex Land Trust Trust Meeting

May 7 - 8  Vinal Tech Community Service Project

May 14  Private Wedding

May 20 - 21  Boy Scouts

May 28 - 29  Vinal Tech Community Service Project

June 11 - 12  Private Wedding

June 25  Private Family Reunion

July 16  Gasket Goons Junkpile Jamboree Car Show

August 7  Belltown Antique Car Show

August 21  British Iron Assoc., Inc. Brit Bike Motorcycle Show

August 22 - September 5  Preparation for Haddam Neck Fair

September 24  Private Wedding

October 1  HNF Volunteer Dinner

October 8  Private Wedding

October 8  Private Wedding

October 15  Stockholders Meeting

October 22  Haddam Neck Church Turkey Dinner

David Tozier - President     860-873-3071
Bob McGarry - Vice President    860-267-7906
Amy Casey - Secretary   860-558-9441
Dianne McHutchison - Asst. Secretary   860-267-4671
Susan Rutty - Treasurer   860-345-4049
Sue Olsen - Asst. Treasurer   860-267-2848
Frances Dallas   860-267-4513
Diane Darcy   860-227-0501
Mark Dumond   860-537-6348
Elizabeth LaBella   860-554-5116
Rebecca McLean  860-267-9975
Wayne Rutty   860-345-4049
Angie Sarahina   860-301-0841
Randy Spencer   860-267-7720
Michael Stevens   860-267-8171  

House Committee
Frances Dallas, Sue Olsen, Wayne Rutty, Diane Darcy, Elizabeth LaBella

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 220 Middle Haddam, Connecticut 06456
Fairgrounds: 26 Quarry Hill Road Haddam Neck, Connecticut 06424
Fairgrounds Phone: 860-267-5922  


Fairgrounds Rental:

The fairgrounds can be rented for special events May through October. An outside covered picnic area and kitchen, spacious flat grassy areas and new clean bathroom facilities are available for rent.

Contact Diane Darcy at the above address for info and availability.

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